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In these days of high divorce and separation rates, it is usually necessary for matrimonial houses or shared property to be valued to decide upon how the assets will be shared. Many matrimonial valuations are, following "The Woolf" report, usually carried out by a qualified surveyor/valuer jointly appointed by both parties in the divorce with an independent valuation report provided for and to the Court. Valuations are also carried out for the benifit of single parties for negotiation purposes.

For the valuations of an individual property asset that will comply with the Court Procedure Rules (35) go to propertysurveying.co.uk and locate an independent local chartered surveyor.

Our surveyors are able to undertake these matrimonial valuations and provide reports compliant with Rule 35 of the CPR 1998. In most cases we are jointly appointed by instructing solicitors (on behalf of each party) to provide an independent valuation report for the Courts. We are able to provide matrimonial valuation reports in respect of the matrimonial house and/or other shared residential, investment or commercial property.

Who Are We?

As part of the propertysurveying.co.uk network, all our Valuers are fully qualified members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. On an individual basis property assets have been recently valued from as little as £10,000 and multiple property portfolios have been valued exceeding £14,000,000. Our network of independent chartered surveyors and valuers typically value many hundreds of millions of pounds annually and carry professional indemnity insurance.

For advice about the valuation of a number of properties or portfolio of properties, contact the head office who will co-ordinate the whole valuation and quotation process, by calling on 0800 880 6864

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For Property Surveys elsewhere in England and Wales go to the property surveying website.
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